Lic. Natalia Fossati

Degree in Combined Arts (Movies, Theatre, Dance – Buenos Aires University -UBA) Tango Dancer and Teacher Producer of shows and events

She has been a tango dancer and teacher for over ten years, she performed in different stages and as a professor at the University of Tango (CETBA), and other public and private institutions.

She has been manager of some artists of tango and folklore of the new generations.

Nowadays, she develops consultant work for the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation.

She has been Jury tango championships and lecturer and researcher at various theoretical issues related to the Tango dance.

Since 2002, she creates and runs her own studio and production company «Tango & Tango», the first full- service production company Tango.

She began her artistic formation very young, in the IVA (Vocational Institute of Art), a magical space that enriches her childhood and outlines her future as a complete artist. She finishes the high school and oriented her studies towards the drama, which distracts some time her steps to the tango. While studying Stanislavsky, Shakespeare, and Garcia Lorca, her grandmother would spread her the passion for tango. They shared as spectators two iconic TV shows of the `80 in Argentina, «La Botica del Angel» and «Grandes Valores del Tango”. In the meantime, more than 20 years ago, she begins to approach the 2 x 4’s, with Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, her main masters. With them she goes into understanding the tango as an improvisation dance, creation and joint communication, concepts that accompany and guide her further development as a teacher.

In the halls of the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires (CNBA), she will end up discovering her way of expression, the Tango. And from then on, it will take the central place in her life. He joined Tanguardia, one of the first groups that gather choreographic new generations of dancers. Getting there, she also experienced in executive production beyond their performances.

She enter to the staff of teachers of the TangoUniversity, unique academic space for thinking and learning figures and choreographic elements of tango – dance.

During those years of training, experimentation and learning, she finishes her degree in Arts, and finally turns to create her own space and full service production company Tango.

She has participated as a dancer, coordinator, producer, lecturer and teacher in numerous national and international meetings, shows, exhibitions and conferences.

In the journey and growth of Tango & Tango, she is proud to create and produce events for the most prestigious and demanding clients as Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Four Seasons Hotel, Sofitel, Sony Ericsson, PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard, Faus Incentives, YPO, Abercrombie & Kent, Far Away & Long Ago, Central Bank of Argentina and the Seven Seas and Seabourn cruises, among others.