Juan Pablo Güerri

Tango dancer and teacher Journalist National broadcaster I.S.E.R.

He studied the Dinzel´s System for teaching becoming Tango Instructor.

During his artistic training, he studied:

Guitar, with Eduardo Tacón

Vocal technique, with Norberto Mazza, Beatriz Muñoz, Alejandra Canoni

Rhythmic applied to dance, with Horacio Veros

He is a professional dancer since 1991, debuting at the legendary Café Homero, sharing stages with Guillermo Fernandez, Raul Lavie, Nestor Fabian, Roberto Rufino , Angel «Paya» Diaz, among others.

Ruben Juarez, his artistic godfather, inherits him his the deep love for tango in the several long nights at Café Hormero

Along with Alfredo Sadi (Alfredo Zitarrosa guitarist), gives shows since 2001 in several stages of Buenos Aires city.

He was host of the First Tango Week in Buenos Aires, Teatro de la Ribera 1993.

He was also Artistic Producer at Café Homero, specialized in the presentation of the new generations of tango artists in 1993, 1994. Sexteto Sur and Omar Gianmarco, among others, went through his seasons of Young Tango.

He was dancer and choreographer of Marisa Otero´s shows in 2007, 2008.

He developed teaching activities for young people with intellectual disabilities for Fundal foundation, at the headquarters of FENDIM (Argentina Federation entities pro-care for people with intellectual disabilities).

He teachs at classes and seminars and has specialized in Musicality in dance tango, and the different orchestral styles in the tango history.

He has participated in the “Primer Encuentro Federal de Tango” (First National Tango Meeting) in La Falda 2011, dancing as a close up of the meeting in the central stage with Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau.

He is part of the team of teachers from the National Plan for the Promotion of Tango, performing and developing his artistic work throughout the country.

In his journalistic career of over 20 years, he has made interviews and special reports of Tango for Cronica TV channel.

Some of them: Mariano Mores, Nelly Omar, Osvaldo Pugliese, Libertad Lamarque, Alberto Castillo, Horacio Salgán, Juan Carlos Copes, Tango Festival in Paris, World Tango Championship in Argentina.

He is coauthor of the book «Bailando el tango con Los Dinzel. Conversaciones», foreword by Horacio Ferrer and presented at the National Academy of Tango in 2012.