Revista PYMES

Entrepreneurship Natalia Fossati, Tango & Tango , was born in the spirit of providing a deep approach to the tango dance and its world. Therefore, among its services offers classes, private thematic tours and shows for events. «The goal is to provide something of excellence and quality», said Fossati, who has a degree in Arts, besides been a tango dancer. Linked to tango when she was very young, she always wanted to do something related to that world, and after a few years as secretary she left that job going on to setup of your dream.

Virtuoso Life

VIRTUOSO LIFE – Buenos Aires. Polo, Tango and Malbec. What´s not to love?
At Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt. it takes two to tango, but only one to strike a posse.
Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, the proposal at Restaurant Duhau is to enjoy «Tango, Wine & Cheese».
A fine Tango performance combined with a great wine and cheeses tasting… What´s not to love?

Revista Carilo

Tango & Tango is an integral producer born with the objective of offering tango classes to foreign tourists thirteen years ago in Buenos Aires. With the time, Tango & tango eventually created other services and activities related with the tango world, seeking to help the people to undersand and live the complexity of this cultural expression, bringing visitors and locals to the essence the genre.

Buenos Aires Danse des sens.
La capitale argentine met le feu.
Aux corps qui chaloupent au rythme du tango. Et aux grils où dorent de fameuses viandes. Un spectacle pour les yeux et les papilles.

Revista Caras – Junio 2014 – La Boda de Vanucci y Garfunkel

(…) El grupo «Tango & Tango» inauguró la noche con un show de Natalia Fossati y Juan Pablo Güerri, con un solo de Pablo Greco en bandoneón, a pedido de la novia y como un guiño al «Adiós Nonino» que se interpretó en la boda de la reina Máxima de Holanda. (…)

INSIGHT: Driving the passion for the tango

Motor racing and the tango: two of the greatest passions of Argentina. But while on the surface the two are very different, if you dig a little deeper you can see they have many things in common.

To find out more, and to see how transferable driving skills are to dancing, Formula E sent Trulli star driver Michela Cerruti and test driver in Buenos Aires Juan Manuel Lopez, to the stunning garden of the Hyatt hotel to be taught a few moves. While the tango is about improvisation and feeding off the passion of your partner, it’s still important to look right. So first off Michela slipped into an elegant black dress and feather boa, while ‘Cochito’ shifted slightly more uncomfortably into a black suit and fedora.

To set the mood Juan Pablo Güerri and Natalia Fossati – our drivers’ instructors for the night – treated us to a fine display of traditional tango. The precision of the footwork, the synchronisation of their movement, the interpretation of the passion made for a powerful and beautiful performance. But could the drivers pick up even the basics in just one, short lesson?

“Tango & Tango”, Esquina Corrientes…

Natalia Fossati es bailarina, directora de la productora y estudio de tango “Tango & Tango”, da clases en la
Universidad del tango y además es licenciada y profesora de Artes combinadas en la Universidad de Buenos Aires.
El 5 de mayo se presentará junto a su pareja, Juan Pablo Güerri, en Club Gricel y un sábado por mes organizan
juntos una práctica de tango en su estudio ubicado en la Avenida Corrientes 1485, 4º piso L. También están realizando desde el 14 de abril, el “Seminario de análisis musical de los estilos orquestales” junto al músico
Martín Jurado.

May 2009 – Tango 5 stars at the Four Seasons BUE

The Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires offers every Saturday in his Bar Le Dôme, an exclusive Tango Show. The proposal is run by a trio of musicians, two couple of dancers and a singer, who recreate the history of 2×4. The show was specially developed by Tango & Tango, under the general direction of Natalia Fossati, with musical direction by Martin Jurado and choreographic direction of Juan Fossati.