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Who We Are

Because we believe tango is an art; because we vibrate in each shared hug; because we feel its music and its poetry; because we know it lives in every corner of Buenos Aires, and fascinates the world travelers.
That is why we enjoy discovering its infinite mysteries, and we are always ready to open the doors in each of our classes, shows, tours and events.
That is why we invite you to meet us.
We do Tango & Tango… and we are waiting for you!

What do we do?

Immerse yourself in a unique experience made with passion.

Group and Private Classes

Tango Experiences

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Our team


Lic. Natalia Fossati

Bachelor of Combined Arts (UBA), Dancer and Tango Teacher Show and event producer

She has been a dancer and teacher of tango for more than twenty years, developing artistically in different scenarios. She teaches at the Universidad del Tango (Educational Center for Tango in Buenos Aires), and other public and private institutions.
She has been an artistic representative of tango and folklore artists of the current scene.
Currently she is part of the ‘Tango del Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación’ team.
She has been a jury in tango championships and researcher of different theoretical aspects related to Tango dance.
In 2002 she creates and developes her own studio and production company "Tango & Tango", the first integral producer for Tango services.
She begins her artistic training at a very young age, at the Vocational Art Institute, a magical space that enriches her childhood and outlines her future as an integral artist. She finishes her secondary studies and turns to the theater. While studying Stanislavsky, Shakespeare, and García Lorca, her grandmother infects her with a passion for tango. They share afternoons in front of the TV, watching two emblematic television programs from the eighties in Argentina, “Grandes valores del Tango” and “La Botica del Angel”. Around those times, more than 30 years ago, she began to approach 2x4 at the hands of those who would be her great teachers, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel. With him she goes into the understanding of tango as a dance of improvisation, joint creation and communication, concepts that will accompany and guide her subsequent development as a teacher, dancer and researcher.
In the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires she finishes discovering her way of expression, the Tango, which will take a central place in her life ever since. She joined Tanguardia, one of the first choreographic groups that brought together the new generations of dancers. There she also began to experiment with executive production beyond her performances.
She becomes a faculty member of the Universidad del Tango, the only academic space for thought and learning of figures and choreographic elements of tango-dance. During those years of rehearsals, experimentation and learning, she finishes her degree and finally turned to setting up her own space and integral producer of Tango services.
She has participated as a dancer, coordinator, producer, exhibitor and teacher, in numerous federal meetings, shows, exhibitions and congresses developed at a national and international level.
In the course and growth of Tango & Tango, she is proud to create and produce events for the most prestigious and demanding clients, such as Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Four Seasons, Sofitel, Sony Ericsson, Pepsico, Hewlett Packard, Faus Incentives, Furlong Incoming, Mai10, YPO, Abercrombie & Kent, Far Away & Long Ago, Banco Central de la República Argentina and the Seabourn, Cunard, Insignia, Seven Seas cruises, among others.
Tango & Tango content advisor.

Juan Pablo Guerri

Dancer and tango teacher. Journalist. National Announcer I.S.E.R.

He studied the Dinzel System for teaching tango, graduating as a Tango-Dance Instructor.
During his artistic training, he studied:
Guitar with Eduardo Tacón
Vocal technique with Norberto Mazza, Beatriz Muñoz, Alejandra Cañoni
Rhythmic applied to dance with Horacio Veros
He has been a professional dancer since 1991. He made his debut at Café Homero, sharing stages with Guillermo Fernandez, Raul Lavié, Nestor Fabián, Roberto Rufino, Angel "Paya" Díaz among others.
Rubén Juarez, his artistic godfather, also accompanied him in those early years, bequeathing to him his deep love for tango.
With Alfredo Sadi (guitarist for Alfredo Zitarrosa) he has been performing in the Federal Capital since 2001 with various shows together with a guitar quartet.
He was presenter of the Primera Semana del Tango en Buenos Aires, Teatro de la Ribera 1993.
Artistic producer of events at Café Homero with the presentation of new tango artists 1993, 1994. The Sexteto Sur and Omar Gianmarco, among others, went through their Tango Joven cycle.
Dancer and choreographer of shows by Marisa Otero in 2007 and 2008. He performed with her on various stages in Buenos Aires.
He developed teaching activities for young people with intellectual disabilities for the Fundal foundation, at the headquarters of Fendim (Federación Argentina de entidades pro-atención a las personas con discapacidad intelectual).
He develops his teaching activity in classes and seminars and has specialized in musicality in tango dance and different orchestral styles.
He participated in the 1st Encuentro Federal de Tango La Falda 2011, dancing on the central stage with Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau.
He has been part of the team of teachers of the ‘Plan Nacional de Promoción del Tango’ since 2011, presenting himself and developing his artistic work throughout the country.
In his journalistic career of more than 20 years, he has conducted exclusive interviews and special reports on tango for Crónica Televisión.
Some of them: Mariano Mores, Nelly Omar, Osvaldo Pugliese, Libertad Lamarque, Alberto Castillo, Horacio Salgán, Juan Carlos Copes, Tango Month in Paris, Tango World Cups in Argentina.
He is co-author of the book “Bailando el tango con Los Dinzel. Conversaciones”, with a prologue by Horacio Ferrer, presented at the National Tango Academy in 2012.
He currently presides the Tango Baile Asociación, an organization that brings together tango dancers with a strong imprint of seeking to improve the conditions and functioning of tango dancers in Argentina.

And a beautiful and enormous team of talented artists that brings together the best of today's tango.

See what the people who already lived the experience think.

I had a lot of Fun! I'm from Canada, so this was new to you. I loved! Natalia and my teacher Mauro were very kind! Thanks for speaking to me in English!

Robin LFantastico!

Natalia and David are great teachers, with great knowledge and very kind. The experience was very good and fun. The unbeatable treatment. I absolutely recommend it.

Global428987Clase de tango

They are two loving people who teach tango from a more traditional point of view, where what matters is the hug and the other. The classes are fun, relaxed and deep. Highly recommended!

Daiana PGenios

They are very good teachers and very warm people, the place where they teach is beautiful and on the mythical Av Correintes, a luxury.
I definitely recommend this activity.

Teresa PMuy bueno


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In the heart of Buenos Aires, with its traditional bars, old buildings and emblematic corners…

In the middle of Callao Avenue, very close to Obelisco and surrounded by Buenos Aires characters, our beautiful salon with a tango atmosphere awaits you to enjoy the best tango experiences!

Av. Callao 433  – CP: C1022AAE – C.A.B.A. Argentina.